How the total hours of your trip can impact your theoretical

By Joe Hanauer

Did you know?

  • On average, 3 night Beau Rivage charters trips have a duration of 68 hours.
  • On average, 4 night Beau Rivage charters trips have a duration of 92 hours.

(We measure duration as the difference between when the outbound flight arrives in Biloxi, and when it takes off again on your return)

As a reminder

When a customer goes on a trip to the Beau Rivage, their ADT is calculated by dividing their total theoretical, by the total nights of the trip.

Let's look at a real example.

Jeff is evaluating taking one of two trips (both are 3 nights)

The 12/9 Dallas trip arrives in Biloxi at 10:15 PM. The return on 12/12 flys at 8:00 AM. This trip has 59 total hours.

The 12/12 Dallas trip arrives in Biloxi at 10:35 AM. The return on 12/14 flys at 2:47 PM. This trip has a total of 76 hours.

These trips are both rated based on three nights. Jeff has 17 more hours to play on the 12/12 trip than the 12/9 trip. That's quite a difference!

For those who really understand ADT

Let's break this down even further using the same example as above.

Let's suppose Jeff has an ADT of 600. In theory, Jeff produces 25 theoretical per hours over a given day (25 theoretics * 24 hours = 600 theoretical).

If Jeff picks the 12/9 trip with 59 total hours, we'd estimate that he'd generate 1,475 theoretical (59 hours * 25 theo per hour).

If Jeff picks the 12/12 trip with 76 total hours, we estimate that he'd generate 1,900 theoretical (76 hours * 25 theo per hour).

This example does make assumptions that don't apply to everyone. Some players generate all of their trip theo in a few hours. Some play a bit over very long stretches of time. Some customers prefer shorter trips, and some prefer longer trips. Our intent isn't to sway you from one trip or another, but only to highlight the impact the potential differences a shorter trip may have on your ADT versus a longer trip.

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